Care of a baby. Lure: features with a introduction of allergies in infants

ChildThe 1st solid foods as well need to be given more careful and not earlier than seven months. As foods It is possible to propose veg broth (zucchini, color, fresh cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lightness colored pumpkins, squash). Every new product master for a week, gradually increasing a capacity. Later in the food may comprise mix and mashed potatoes. Quite ofttimes lure prepare the parents, but most experts consult to prefer canned commercial food.By the 8th month of a newborn try to offer dairy-free oatmeal. It is desirable that the first one was with a gluten-free cereal grains - buckwheat, corn, rice. (Gluten - gluten that may cause infant liver cells of a little intestine). For cereals, It is possible to use a specialized blend or cook them in the aqua. If you prefer to prepare the newborn yourself, do not forget to add a small veg porridge or ghee (5-10 g). When using ready-made porridge (flaked) select additionally enriched with vitamin, minerals and iron.The 1st acquaintance with fresh meat dishes should be held not earlier than 9 months. Remember that in the case of allergy to cow's milk however fresh meat foods can provide lean pork, lamb, turkey, rabbit. Beef up to 1 year is complete not to strive. First, a fresh meat is prepared in a form of puree, gradually transferring the child to nice-cut variation. And always closely watch the reaction to a new products.With fruits do not should to hurry. It is possible to offer your baby a melon puree (apples, medium bananas, pears) is closer to 10 months, and it is better to wait until the year. Try to use the fruits of green and yellow colors, and again attentively watch the reaction of a organism. However dairy items, in a case of cow's natural milk intolerance any dish with its contents to be excluded 1-1.5 years. At this age, It is possible to try again to enter the natural milk in a baby's regime in the form of fermented natural milk - beginning with low-fat yogurt, and, if successful, continue cereals and cheese.Approximately chicken egg and fresh fish is complete to forget a year or two or three. If an allergic reaction to this age subside, you can consult with the physician and try to introduce these items in child fresh food.  Baby. Alike posts:Calendar of baby growthNewbornMoms. Vitamin for nursingChildFall thin hair later childbirthBaby.

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