Moms. Prevention of breast mastitis

ChildPrevention of mastitis is to prevent the formation of cracks and abrasions nipples to a timely treatment, and to prevent stagnation of natural milk. A nursing mum should be especially careful to follow a rules of personal hygiene. To do this every time to bath the breast with hot h2o and soap. The nipple and a surrounding space to wash 2% decision of protein (one tsp. Per cup of boiling water) or just boiled water. A first few drops of milk perfect decant. This cleared the outer parts of the excretory ducts of a mammary glands of microbes caught there.Later lactation good washing a grease nipple and its composition, consisting of an equal number of vodka and egg white. Dry to form a film. Earlier feeding, regardless of a means used to treat fractures, chest need be water-washed well with a apply of newborn soap.If cracks and sores on the nipple in gerls is recommended to grease nipple carrot fresh juice and sprinkle the powder from the flowers of mullein.For the therapy of cracked nipples is recommended to lubricate your sea buckthorn oil, powderise white streptotsidom or starch.In ordering to prevent mastitis need also carefully observe a rules of feeding. Feeding a baby for mothers are normally very nice. And you could not help trying to prolong it, this can lead to skin soother, the person of weeping and small, very painful cracked nipples. Cracks - is a entrance gate for infection, which can cause mastitis. So, to avoid cracking required:Substitute the position of the child at a fresh during feeding, so that when subjected to pressure sucking various parts of the nipple;Later feeding, a nipple should be removed from a mouth child. If it does not start up, quite a bit to hold his nose kid, and he will push the nipple;After feeding and pumping the remaining milk to very dry the nipple, holding open-air 5 minutes;Remaining after feeding natural milk to decant to completely empty a natural. Express milk to softly without touching a nipple. If engorgement of the fresh is advisable to use a fresh pump;It must be changed special linen, closely boil and iron bras.  Child. Resembling Child.articles:Crusts on the headChildIncrease lactationChildCare of a newborn. Fall thin hair after childbirthBaby.

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