Child. Things with a child at 97 weeks

ChildBabies love to play, being in various positions - sitting or standing. If the baby learns to stand, remove from a babies's desk breakable objects and instead lay out his beloved funs. Let a child play with funs that enjoy simple names, "cup", "phone", "doll", "kitten" spoon "," dog "," cube "rattle", "ripe banana", "clown". During the games, do not forget to call them.Cut out magazine pictures of beautiful number, dogs, aircraft, spoons, teddy bears. Glue them onto sheets of heavy paper, so so to produce a booklet. Put the baby on her lap and "read" it. Come with the favorite "baby of" reflection in the mirror. Show crumbs rag doll, and then draw his attention to her reflection. Observe whether the newborn is to compare real doll with her twin.With any passing time more and more child understands that may affect the surrounding subjects. Strive to find funs that can respond to his actions - fresh food, stretch, jump out, etc. Pots and pans deliver a chubby small boy more fun than any of a playthings bought in a store.Show your baby so to close a saucepan lid, let him strive to do it myself. If a kid will successfully cope with a task, give him two various pots and lids to them and observe, reflect a crumb, which cover about of a saucepan. It is possible to still entertain a curious man, hiding in a saucepan some items. If you do not mind a little noise, show the newborn however to beat a lid on the cover.  Mums. Alike Moms.articles:Baby. Analyses newborn: blood, urineChildUpkeep of a baby. May a nursing mother persimmonBabyVitamin for babiesChild.

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