A few tips

NewbornAccording to the statistics. Serious problems with natural milk production, there are no more than 4% of gerls. In a lot of instances, due to other causes hypogalactia.Why, it is necessary:Calm down, tune in to warm-feeding.Eliminate stressful situations.Stimulate milk coming homeopathic remedies (such as "Mlekoin") and ready laktogonnymi charges (for example, "Laktovitom").Strive to increase milk production by laktogonnyh recipes that apply, alternating, you should to attentively - milk can come much much!Recipes:1 tsp. Cumin brew 1 cup of stewing milk. Infuse for 10-15 minutes. Drink sips throughout a time.3 teaspoonful Desiccated nettle brew TWO cups of stewing water, leave for 10-Fifteen minutes (recent grass nettle insist only TWO min). Читать полностью -->

Analysis of breast natural milk

NewbornUsually, if there is no signs of mastitis, a gastroenterologist appoints therapy and tells her mom to give the newborn bifidobacteria and lactobacilli for a prevention of dysbiosis. In a fight against microbes, most doctors prefer bacteriophages and plant antiseptics. Antibiotics are used extremely rarely. But if this is indispensable, the medical man will pick a drugs that do not affect lactation.Lactating gerls are advised to make a analysis of warm milk "sterility", but it does not stop lactation when detecting bacteria in fresh milk, and see a medical man for treatment assignment. In this case, It is possible to continue to breastfeed your baby, and the benefits of natural milk would exceed a harm of bad germs that are a result of exposure to drugs will soon disappear.Mum's natural milk immunoglobulins stimulate metabolism, protect the intestine from reproduction of pathogenic organisms, increases a aging body's resistance to infections. To cope with such a rival, as natural milk, germs will not be easy! Preventive measures also did not hurt either.For starters pick up care of proper nutrition. Читать полностью -->

Baby attention. 3. A baby does not understand a meaning of words

NewbornHowever tell him his actions are not indispensable. In fact, child psychologists say: even a child needs to tell him about the size of a changes that enjoy occurred in the family. And even more so to tell your newborn that you are going to do with it.And it does not problem whether the child understands a words. Less significant than a content, however much emotional, sensory capacity. Studies show that babies with whom the parents from a 1st days of your talking on equal terms, faster, and easier to learn to speak.Parents as such conversations help children learn good, to feel and realize that they are dealing not with a object of maintenance and education, and on the individual, with a features man.  Similar posts:Newborn. Shy child. Читать полностью -->

Exterior newborn

NewbornExpectant mums and prettily useful to know about the size of some of a features of the exterior of children in advance.If you are a prettily mum, a child imagine being chubby and smiling with cute folds on a arms and legs. Be aware, your is not so! Here's mother throws a first be at a newborn baby, and it seems that with a baby anything same this: a big head, tiny body, gnarled hand and feet, the skin in spots.Do not worry if a child newborn does not look similar a baby with the image. Children rarely are born pink, plump and smooth. Typically, babies keep some features of appearance, disappearing of the a while following birth. And to dispel a doubts and fears, you just demand to talk approximately this with a medic at a hosp..  Child. Like articles:Care of a child. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Water

ChildThe smallest needs to drink more individual and depend mostly on diet food, mass and age of a infant, as rightly however the state of soundness and a climate. In general it can be said that a healthy newborn until the year to 100 ml of fluid for any kg of gravity. When a baby reaches 10 kilogram, the calculation is slightly various demands: At the present time every day a baby requires to receive 1 liter of liquid plus 50 ml per kilogram over a basic ten.  Upkeep of a child. Like Mums.articles:Leaving of a baby. Child NewbornChildChild. Poses for lactationNewbornNewborn. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Water

NewbornThe smallest demands to drink extremely individual and depend mostly on food, gravity and age of the infant, however well however a state of health and the climate. In basic it may be said that a healthy child until the year to 100 ml of fluid for every kilogram of weight. When a newborn reaches 10 kg, the calculation is slightly variant demands: Today a day a child needs to receive 1 liter of fluent plus 50 ml per kilogram over a general ten.  Similar posts:Moms. Congenital hypothyroidism in babiesBabyBreastfeedingChildChild leaving. Hardening of infantsNewborn. . Читать полностью -->

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